La Cañada

A group of Constellation was created on the first of May 2011, the day of the worker in many countries of Latin America.

The group chose the name of “La Cañada”, since it is a place where nature and vegetation abound and where the sight to Masaya's lagoon is spectacular. Also, reaching this place gives the privilege of observing the Santiago Volcano (also called Masaya's volcano).

The group of 47 children and teenagers realized drawings with water colors and created very beautiful paintings with the material Constellation provides for them.

The coordinator of the group is Jairo Ampie, who has been a volunteer teacher of art in 6 communities in Masaya rural area since February 1991. In his classes of art with the children, he also uses music, flute, coral singing, dance and everything available to inspire and animate the children when painting. La Cañadagroup is strongly supported by Rosario Pasquier.